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Every project and every piece of work that passes through our hands come with the added virtue of being of the finest quality. We, Dev group have completed projects which stand tall today, as testimony to our belief in delivering nothing, but the very best.

We strongly believe in making the most of every minute.


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Our team

  • Mr. Deepak D Kularia


    “Forward-looking” is the word that perfectly describes Mr Deepak Kularia.As a qualified architect and acting CEO, Mr Deepak is known specifically for his fresh and professional approach. He has been the key factor in taking Dev group to the next level with his advance thinking fuelled by a fierce dedication.

  • Mr. Lalchand D Kularia


    Young and energetic, Mr Lalchand acts as the owner of the record company, Dev Associates. Working from a very early age, Mr Lalchand has been exposed to the business at a very raw level, making him keener to the practical aspects of interior contracting.

  • Mr. Chimmaram D Kularia


    As the founder member of Dev group, Mr Chimmaram Kularia stands strong as a pillar of the company with his many years of experience in the field. He has nurtured the business and worked as a catalyst to the transition from labour contracting to interior contracting.

  • Mr. Bhuraram D Kularia

    Projects Head

    As the oldest brother, Mr Bhuraram could probably be called the one closest to his craft. He started as a skilled artisan who worked with his hands and is therefore most in tuned with the nitty-grittys of on-site coordination.



| Mr.Dev Kishan Kularia started labour contracting firm in Mumbai


| Spreading our services across India


| Getting strong foothold into multinational companies


| Expanded collaboration with established vendors and suppliers


| Establishing factory set up in Navi Mumbai with latest machineries and equipments (20,000sqft State of Art Facility)


| Appreciation for Design Oriented Challenging Project Like J&K Museum, POLYCOM R&D Centre & More


| Delivered Capgemini 3Lac Sqft space in 120 Days at Chennai as committed